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Licensed Courses are YOUR chance to become a true "allrounder". You take part in a training and get a license that certifies your special qualities. This will increase your reputation as trainer, shaper or instructor in your snowboard school.


The Puzzle Modules are the perfect additional qualification you want in addition to your successfully completed Level 1 or Level 2 Instructor Course. You can now become a specialist in ervery possible aspect that snowboarding has to offer.



Mission: Unlimited fun in the mountains. Snowboarders, that stand out against the masses for their riding style. Riders who infect others with the snowboarding virus. Snowboarders who pass on their knowledge and share their experience about playing it safe in the mountains.

Duration: min. 6 days

Start: 2010

Place: resorts with high quality infrastruktur

Costs: yes

Trainer: ÖSV Snowboardtrainers, Snowboard Austria Education Team, "Local Heroes" ...

Gain: confirmation of participation; in many puzzle modules you can take an exam in the end and get an ÖSV license for it; of course all puzzle modules count as "brush-up"-trainings

Target group : SNOWBOARDERS

Skills: different for every puzzle (see course description)

Puzzle Modules: all aspects of snowboarding - Backcountry, Halfpipe, Big Air & Rails, Slopestyle, Boardercross, Shaping, Race, Kids ...