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You are interested in the Level 2 Instructor course by ÖSV


Organizational Body:
Austrian Ski Federation, Snowboard Austria Education Department

successful completion of Level 1
2 weeks of teaching experience (reference letter)
minimum age - 17 years
medical certificate

Participants need to come up for travel, accommodation and tuition costs
Prices include half board, lift pass, tuition and examination fees


13 Days + 6 Days Alpine Course


Successful completion entitles to instruct advanced riders in Ski and/or Snowboard Schools. Regional laws are subjct to change! Permission for Austria only after completing
the course in German.

Course Objective Level 2 :
The AustriaSnowboardSystem for Level 2 includes the following:
Practical methodical exercises. Explaining and demonstrating advanced motion patterns. Basic racing technique. Freestyle Basics and jumps. Alpine safety and off-piste riding.
General knowledge of the subject (organisation, environment and tourism), didactics, science of motion and biomechanics, anatomy & first aid, vocationally oriented knowledge, safety and risks, alpinism, foreign language
Theoretical exams: all of the above
Practical exams: demo-runs, off-piste, teaching, competition

Objective Alpine Course:
The Alpine Course is the concluding step to Level 2. It can be organised by either a mountain guide or skiing instructor association or the federal sports academy.
Practical Content:
Snowboarding off-piste, Preparing and planning tours. Judging alpine dangers using the knowledge on weather, snow conditions and terrain. Exercising group and self rescue. Group leading off-piste. Organisation of rescue operation.
Theoretical Content:
Snow and avalanches. Meteorology and alpine dangers. Map-reading and orientation.
Examining a snow-profile. Snow and avalanches. Map-reading and orientation. Aavalanche transceiver search. Group leading off-piste.